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Hi All,
We were recently in dire need of a licensed HVAC person to come to our condo, we had recently had our AC serviced and declared in perfect order (45 days ago) by John G. Webster so we thought we thought we should call them back to revisit the AC. When the person arrived they said it would be $130 for the visit, then went to the roof to inspect and found a faulty run capacitor, he then quoted us a total price to replace the part of $430! My husband nearly fell over, he said that part costs at most, $20 bucks, he was really angry. We call the owner of the company Ralph, who said "ok well, that is the going rate and if we don't like it find someone else." I felt really caught, my husband was sure we could find another licensed, insured person to do the job and more reasonably. he found an electronics supply place in Silver Spring and picked up the part, while I called another place to do the job. Incidentally, the part was actually $8.13! we understand a mark up and the need to make money, no problem, but this mark up is RIDICULOUS!

I call Bishop Equipment Co (703) 573-1500, they quoted me the price of $95 up front for the initial visit and if it took more than 30 minutes it would be an additional $30 per half hour. I liked the upfront pricing, I told them we had the part and they said no problem we can install that, but they could not warranty it, fine for me. They came in the two hour time block they quoted and the total came to $94......BTW the same part at their company was $35!

I whole heartily recommend Bishop Equipment Company for their professionalism and their ability treat people with honesty and respect, it was just a great ending to a crummy beginning! BTW our hot water heater was recently replaced by Webster as well.....for $3000!
Yeah I am sure the owner is having some nice vacations.

Call Bishop if you need an HVAC specialist!
:) Deena